Build Day 14-16 – engine bay & cycle wings

Been a bit lazy on the progress reports.
Monday was spent driving a Caterham around Silverstone GP circuit on one of their experience days. Had an absolute blast. It probably was made all the more fun knowing that soon I would be racing my own Caterham!

Tuesday – Thursday was mainly spent doing odd job like the boot cover and faffing with the seat to get the belts the right length.

Friday evening was spent cutting my knuckles to shreds trying to wire in the engine and all the cooling pipes. Which with the help with dad was finished on Saturday along with the front cycle wing drilling. Car is really starting to come together now 🙂


Build Day 13 – rear suspension, wings & seats

Day 13 was a great day with a lot of progress made. Having dad visit for the day really helped getting stuff bolted together and working around the problems. Two minds is better that one!

Rear suspension is virtually complete apart from the brake calipers. As are the rear wings.

The drivers seat is known for being a complete pain but I didn’t even bother trying to use the bolts provided. Skipped straight to the better solution I read about. Which is use bolts that get locked into the grooves of the runners and no messing around with hex keys. After two attempts it was in.


Build Day 9-12 – steering, exhaust & rear suspension

4 more evening in to the build and things are going well. The steering and exhaust system are in. Central tunnel cover is on and finishing touches like the gear lever are done.

Made a start on the rear suspension tonight and that is half done.

Had a few issues along the way which have slowed down the build.
The white inserts on the steering column that everyone warns you to be careful with and not knock them out I knocked out. The spring clips on the exhaust were as expected. Looked like they would never go on but eventual did using the universal tool that is the cable tie.

Build Day 8 – engine, gearbox & diff

The eighth day was the first full day on the build and the first with extra help. Long and the short of it is the engine, gearbox, propshaft and diff are all in.
Had the typical mix of issues where stuff was a tight fit or didn’t quite line up. But nothing a little pushing and pulling and a mallet wouldn’t fix. First challenge was the car being in the wrong place in garage and too high to be able to get the crane in. Ended up putting the front wheels on so we could put it on the floor and move the back of car (Which has no wheels at the moment) around using the crane. Once in place it had to go back on the axle stands. The process of putting the engine and gearbox in went really smoothly with no major issues. Just a bit tight with both going in as one unit.


The diff was a bit more fiddly due to poor access and it’s heavy to get into place while trying to get bolts and washers in place.


Going to have a fun few evening this week trying to work out how to connect up all the hoses and leads to the engine.