BRSCC Winter race @ Anglesey

The RoR was so much fun last weekend I decided to go back and have one last race weekend of the season. 

This one was a bit different as anything with four wheels could enter. Which resulted in a very mixed grid with everything from Caterhams to Radicals taking part.
Quite a few of the Academy drivers came along which was the main reason I bothered to go all the way to Anglesey. Racing with mates is what makes it so much fun!

Got a little too close to Ryan!

When I signed up for the race I didn’t know the circuit configuration was different to the one I did at the RoR so the first lap of quali was a bit of a leap into the unknown… In the case of the corkscrew when you go over the edge for the first time it really is the unknown!
The 15mins felt so short after doing 80mins stints for the endurance race. Somehow I managed to blag a 5th on the grid which I was really happy with given everything in front of me had more power.

In the first race I managed to excel my bad start run by trying to pull away in 3rd gear. Spent the few laps getting past all the people that overtook me and ended up in 7th.

In the second race I started in 6th and ended up 7th again because everything ahead of me was a lot faster. But had a flying start. My first of the year so hopefully I have gotten past my bad start streak! Had a lucky escape on the first lap when I misjudged Ryan’s speed and ran in the back of him. Minor damage to both cars and totally my fault.

Can’t believe that is the last race of the year. Being a racing driver is just so much fun both on and off the track.

Counting down the days to the first race of next season.


Race of Remembrance

Race of Remembrance at Anglesey.

After 12 hours we came 7th overall out of 42 teams and 6th in class out of 9 Caterham teams. Given we had the set of slowest Caterhams it was a great result. Have to give thanks to my dad who took up the team manager role and did an amazing job on the pit wall come rain or shine keeping on top of the strategy and to my fellow team mates James, Toby and GMac. Apart from a few minor wheels on mud moments in the dark I think we all drove a really good first RoR.


All the team that finished ahead and behind us put on a great show and can’t wait till next year.