Passed IVA!

Finally a bit of news of the car front. IVA test got moved forward from 3rd Jan to this morning and after a couple of hours tentatively waiting as the VOSA guy tested the car it passed!!
Now I just have to wait for the DVLA to process the registration. Hopefully will be on the road early Jan!
Already gone trackday crazy and booked days at Donny, Silverstone and Spa. As Brands is just down the road will probably be there every weekend over the winter.

IVA date in 6 weeks!

Got an IVA date of 3rd Jan.. Going to be a long wait till I see the car again. In the meantime the car did pretty well at the Caterham post build check. Most builds need 10hrs or more work to get them up to scratch apparently. Mine only needs just over 5 of which 3hrs is really minor stuff.
Could fix it myself but by the time I pay for a trailer to bring the car back and my time it’s cheaper to leave it with Caterham to fix.