Build day 22-23 – fluids & wheels

Day 22. A couple of weeks ago I spent the morning filling up all the fluids on the car and bleeding the brakes. Had a few connections which needed tightening up but no major leaks so far.

Day 23. Spent today completing all the odd jobs and getting the car off the axle stands. Forgotten how low these cars are, looking forward to the first drive.

Have hit one major problem it seems that the car won’t turn over. I’ve tripled checked all the connections and spoke to Caterham about it. Apparently I have done everything correctly and it should work. So the most likely problem is when Caterham put in the dash or main loom one of the cables has popped out of a connection. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day of trying to track down the problem. If I can’t solve it Caterham will as part of the post build check.

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