First time at Rockingham

I will admit it was was some trepidation I drove up to Rockingham Speedway Friday night as the forecast was for snow and the drive up was light snow all the way there. Woke up to a car covered in ice but best thing with a caterham is you don’t have to worry about your door or windows freezing as you don’t really have them.

Rockingham has a reputation for being extra slippy in the rain. So sleet and snow made for what was an amazing 50 lap lesson in car control. I’m not sure if it’s the racing seat, race geo setup or i’m just getting more use to the car, probably all 3. Today it really felt like I was able to push on a lot harder and felt at home with the car going sideways a lot of time. Also getting better at finding the grippy tarmac on a wet track.


A few of my fellow Academy drivers and some of last years Academy were also there. Which was great for following around some old hands to learn the lines and also size up this years competition.

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