Back to Brands Hatch

I always like going to Brands Hatch as its a short drive from home and the circuit is easy to learn and difficult to master. On Wednesday I had Callum again for the day teaching me how it’s done. However Brands is a short track and traffic is a real problem. At times it was a bit like driving on the M25 where everyone sits on the outside waiting to get past.

Getting a clean lap became the biggest challenge of the day. At least with the vbox you can break the track into sectors. That means that even if the lap as a whole wasn’t your best you can get a theoretical best time. Eventually a few people started to go home and later on in the day there was less traffic. In the end my lap times were pretty competitive and i’m really looking forward to the race in June.

On track there was a real mix of cars but the highlight was a 1970 Porsche 917K Lemans car! At least 6 other Academy racers were there and it was great to catch up with everyone to see how they are all getting on. The more time we spend on track together the more competitive it gets and i’m really starting to get used to tailgating at 100mph.


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