Back on Track

In 2021 I’m not doing a full race season due to spending my race budget on house renovations. As my racing buddies are quick to point out. “You can’t race a kitchen!”

So with that in mind I have signed up as a guest driver to take part in the 310R Silverstone GP round this weekend (3rd/4th July). Having not been in a race car since October I’m expecting to be pretty rusty. Really looking forward to racing without the usual championship pressures and catching up with friends.

One benefit of Covid is now all races are live streamed on YouTube. One thing I can guarantee is Caterham racing will be more exciting to watch than the F1 and probably the football. Races could run early or late. Great thing with YouTube is you can rewind to that start if that happens.

Saturday 3rd July 13:50

Saturday live stream

Sunday 4th July 09:35

Sunday live stream