Build Day 1 – front suspension

First evening of the build started off with what was going to be the start of a typical pattern. “I’ve seen that somewhere, which box was it in again”. In this case it was the elusive steering rack fixing hidden under a piece of cardboard in the bottom of a box. Took three checks of every box and a lot of wasted time but found it! Fitting it was a lot easier than finding the fixings.


Next up was the front right lower & upper wishbone. Sounded simple enough only everything is a tight fit so a little light hammering was required. Upper wishbone bolt also holds the front light bracket so had to build that as well. That sorted and onto the damper. The top bolt for this is in a stupid location and the manual says to ‘bend’ the bodywork out of the way which was a bit nerve wracking, will it bend back?
Decided to call it a night and tackle uprights and left hand side the following evening.


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