Build Day 4 – engine prep & seat belts

Fourth day (afternoon) of the build. First things first was a trip to Halfords to get some much needed supplies for a few of the upcoming jobs. I’m actually a bit ahead of where I thought I would be so now it was a case of skipping ahead in the build manual and finding stuff I could do that didn’t depend on the engine being in the car. Spent ages trying to find the handbrake kit. Pretty sure it’s not there so will come back to that one.

Managed to tick off the front anti roll bar, engine mounts, boot cover, 4 point harness. Then hit a problem with the 6 point harness. ‘drill a 11mm hole in floor’. I don’t have a 11mm drill bit. Added that to tomorrow’s shopping list and onto another job. That is the thing with kit cars every job has a dependency on another and if you can’t do one thing you have to abandon a whole lot of related stuff.

Decided I would try and get the gearbox onto the bell housing and then onto the engine. Apart from trying to move a 55kg gearbox around without doing my back in it was all pretty straightforward. Apart from one (well actually 2) minor details. The bolts that attach the starter motor to engine and bolt through into bell housing can only be described as complete buggers to get to. Should have taken 5mins instead took 30.

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