Build day 17 – electrics

Day 17, spent the afternoon finishing off the electrics on the car.
Rear light clusters were an easy job as was the number plate light.

I missed the IVA requirements when I did the front lights early in the build (Would be nice if instructions related to a step were in the same place).
Had to unbolt the anti roll bar and upper wishbone to get the front light bracket off. After redoing everything in heatshrink and putting grommets in the correct places hopefully that is the last time I have to mess with the lights.

I found a really good guide on another 7 blog. (At the time I had no idea that Dan French would also be building an Academy car and racing against him!)

Next job was to fit the cycle wings prepared yesterday. This would involve threading a cable down a narrow tube and out of an impossible hole. Perfect example of what I’m really enjoying about building a car. You hit a problem and have to workout a solution. In this case I remembered I had lots of spare cable from wiring the garage. Cut and stripped the copper core out and I had something to pull the cable through the hole. Five minutes a cycle wing and job done.


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