Build Day 18 – brakes & throttle

Day 18 biggest bit of news is IVA paperwork has been sent off and collection date arranged for the post build check with Caterham on the 21st November. Which sounds plenty of time except for being away every weekend between now and then and having a couple of weeks holiday. In reality got about 10 evening or less to finish it which is super exciting.

Now I have a caliper winding tool I was able to fit the rear brakes and sort out the handbrake. Had hoped to connect up the rear brake hoses. If I follow the instructions on washers and nuts there is not enough thread left to tighten up the nut and brake fluid will leak everywhere. Going to have to Google that one tomorrow.

After hitting that problem thought I would go for something easy like the wing mirrors. Turns out looking simple doesn’t mean simple. The IVA friendly brackets and the bolts that they mount onto are a good mm or 2 different in diameter. So out with the dremel again to fix them. Don’t like the look of them on the car so will probably get some more aerodynamic ones for racing. Assuming they are in the list of things we are allowed to change.

Sorting out the throttle cable and pedal was dead easy once you work out that the pedal is completely the wrong shape and when the manual say you might have to bend it a little bit with a screwdriver is actually code for it’s way out and you need to bend the end back about 5cm. I now have spot on 100% throttle travel. With a bit of luck some of my fellow racers will not bend it enough and end up with 90% 🙂


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