Caterham car setup & karting day

Race season prep continues. Attended the morning Caterham put on to tell us all about car setup and all the preparation we have to do before turning up at a circuit.
Put simply if you can put a spanner on it try and tighten it. Some bolts apparently can come more lose than others so I need to get into the habit of checking them multiple times a track day. Also lots of info on changing/ bleeding brakes and other topics. Along with what you can change to your suspension to suit your driving style.
Put all of that to good use this evening and changed the brake pads to some racing ones. Hopefully that makes a big difference to the car at Brands Hatch tomorrow.

Also went karting with some of my fellow racers and it was definitely the most competitive karting group I have been with. Started well with setting the 3rd fastest time out of 16. Which put me the the fast group of 8 and hopeful for a podium. Wasn’t to be as I had a disagreement over who had the racing line and ended up clouting the barrier and going way too wide. But the time that was sorted out it was a long race back from 8th to 5th. Still could have been worse. I wasn’t last.

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