Weekend in Spa!

Spa Francorchamps what a place. Of all the tracks in the world I can see why drivers love it. Watching it on TV or playing it on racing simulators you really don’t get any perspective on the gradients or how committed you have to be in the corners. Eau Rouge, Raidillon, Blanchimont are all flat out in the Academy spec Caterham once you have the guts to go for it.

A few of the Caterham crowd were there including Dan a fellow Academy driver and we had some great fun out on track perfecting our drafting and getting used to driving on the limit nose to tail. The nature of the track with massive long straights meant that faster production cars would fly by on the straights while in the corners the plucky little 1.6 Caterham with van tyres would be all over them and past them in the corners.

Going to take a while to sort out a video from the 5hrs of footage. Watching a lap of Spa is likely to be boring so going to do a shorter compilation of all the close call moments. With motorsport the drifts and the off track moments are always better viewing.

Next stop Castle Combe on Friday for our first official test day with all the Academy group.

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