4 Days of Motorsport

The last few days have been pretty hectic.

  • Friday – Donington GP track day
  • Saturday – ‘Caterham Handling day’
  • Sunday – Goodwood 75th Members Meeting
  • Monday – Brands Hatch track day

Donington GP track day on Friday was by far my best day on track. I had Callum a racing coach trying to turn me into a proper racing driver. After he set a fast time in my car it was my task for the day to get as close as I could to his time. Which involved me trying my hardest. Coming back to the pits, reviewing the data logger to see where I was losing time and trying again… and again. The whole experience was well worth it and I have shaved seconds off my lap times. I also got reminded of something I was told early on ‘If you haven’t been off the track you are not trying hard enough.’ Well i’ve got that covered now. Luckily I was able keep my foot in and power my way through the gravel trap. But it turned out that was the cause of some problems later on in the weekend.

The ‘Caterham Handling Day’ was the first time the whole of the Academy Green Group and our cars got together. The group is a really good crowd of people. Format was pretty simple. Do some practise starts and some slaloms around cones. Looking at the slalom results I think I will stick to the proper tracks. Annoyingly my practise runs were faster than my final runs 😦

Brands Hatch trackday got of to a really bad start the night before where I found out my CV boot on the driveshaft was spewing gunk everywhere. Given I had already paid for the trackday my best option was to signin do the sighting laps. After those drive to the Caterham parts department in Dartford. Get the bits I needed and spend the morning in the circuit garage fixing the car. Turned out the gravel trap on Friday had dislodged the CV boot seal and it was an easy fix. Took all morning but at least meant it could get on track in the afternoon.

The afternoon was the wettest I’ve driven in and people were spinning all over the place. Following a car into Paddock Hill and having it spin in front of me was an interesting moment.Now got 4 evenings to spanner check the car, change the oil and filter, bleed the brakes and put all the championship decals on. Next weekend is Spa!!

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