Destination Nordschleife

Had a departure from motor racing and did what normal people that build kit cars do and went on a nice blat in the countryside. Just a happy coincidence the route included a few days in Europe via the Nordschleife 🙂

Now I have to confess I nearly didn’t take the Caterham as I was thinking 3 day of driving hundreds of miles on a foam seat in the baking sun at high speed on motorways would be hell. Why not take the faster car which had a stereo and aircon right? Besides the ring is a long track and the Caterham would be too underpowered. After some last minute convincing over a pint (thanks John) I relented and took the Caterham.

Within 2 corners I knew I had made the right choice. Turns out that on a track with 154 corners the Caterham was awesome. Even on those ditch finder academy tyres I think a 9min lap is more than possible.

The other thing that I found surprising is how relaxing it was to drive around the ring. Considering all the horror stories online and the fact the track was closed several times due to accidents the day we were there. I guess I’m now so used to being on tracks that I understand the dynamics of the car without actually having to think about any of it. Compared to trying to match a lap time on a track i’m racing it was so nice just to chill out and drive.

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