Caterham Academy Brands Hatch – 5th place

Finished 5th at Brands Hatch after qualifying 3rd.

A few days ago I literally lived a childhood dream and took part my first race at Brands Hatch.

It was a 4 days event I will never forget from the on track freedom of test days. To the pressures of quali and culminating in an epic 15min race within the front of the pack. At the moment there seems to be 5 of us which are a little bit faster than the rest of the pack. It will only take a couple more races for that group to grow as several people were close behind. Great job by Dan, Graham & James taking the top spots!

I’ve been struggling to decide what to write about on Brands Hatch. Since I could go on for ages about the fun of racing, stuff I’ve learnt, near misses or what could have been if I had tried harder.

At the end of the day I think one phrase sums it up #CaterhamFamily. All the competitors & their families along with the Caterham staff are just such a great bunch of people and everyone celebrates the highs and supports each other through the lows.


I was fortunate that this weekend I managed to have a good one and apart from a few issues in testing I walked away with a second row quali and 5th in the race. Sure I would have loved to have been on the podium and without a doubt I could have got my elbows out more. Given some of the damage other people had part of me was happy to have finished the first race with the car intact!


Next race is Donington Park on Sunday 9th July which has some longer straights which should mean for lots of overtaking chances.

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