Back to Donington

Donington was a lot like Brands two weeks before. Started wet and dried out so it was a big help having some wet track time and practise the wet lines and the car control.
This weekend was also different as it’s the first time I had a bunch of mates turning up for passenger laps. In hindsight doing 20min stints for passengers might have been a tad too long. Especially for any with hangovers 😉 Main thing was despite a few sideways moments and a close call with a hare I didn’t make a complete idiot of myself and kept it on the black stuff.
Despite the extra weight I was faster than my last visit to Donington. So once everyone had gone I managed to gain an instant 2 second improvement on the lap times.

There was a great mix of cars on track to try and keep up with. What the car lacks in straight line speed it makes up for in the corners.

Next 2 weeks are going to be track time crazy with Donington, Brands, Spa and Castle Combe all before the end of the month.

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